There's no greater thrill than seeing people lose themselves to the music; dancing and celebrating to the sound of our band. When all the planning is done and the anticipation gives way to the event, we make sure you and your guests have an incredible time. We play your event with the same level of dedication to our craft that we use when recording and performing with major label artists.

In the wedding and event industry Nick has been a top call drummer with the biggest and best music providers in the Chicago area: Ken Arlen Music, Larry King’s MFO Entertainment Group, the Gold Coast All Stars, Great Life Music, the Bradley Young Orchestra, and the Becca Kaufman Orchestra.

“Having played with Ken’s orchestra, and Great Life Music's The Party Faithful, and gigging with fellow rocker Danny Chaimson at Gold Coast Events as well as all the other great bands, I have a real-world sense of what a bandleader should be and how to present a top tier band with all the professionalism required to perform at major events and weddings. All these bands and leaders have their own style, and I have mine too. It’s just a natural step for me to have started my own band.” -Nick Kitsos

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